About IntelliFresh™
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intellifresh™, powered by silvadur™

Patented odor and freshness protection

INTELLIFRESH™ built-in odor protection neutralizes odors that come in contact with textiles. You can rest easy knowing the patented freshness technology is working to keep your fabrics clean and fresh smelling.

SILVADUR™ technology has been approved by the International Oeko-Tex® Association and is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The active ingredient in SILVADUR™ is supported under the Biocidal Products Registry (BPR) while also being registered to meet REACH requirements in the EU.

more than fresher fabrics

When your textiles are enhanced with INTELLIFRESH™, you get more than just fresher fabrics, you get peace of mind and protection that lasts. That means more workouts before your gym clothes hit the wash. More nights with your bedding because they’re as fresh as the day you put them on your bed. And even more savings on water, detergent and energy since you won’t need to wash as often.


protection from color loss and fiber degradation

INTELLIFRESH™ does more than just keep treated fabrics clean and fresh smelling between launderings – it also helps protect fabrics from color loss and fiber degradation so your clothing and textiles look and feel newer, longer.

INTELLIFRESH™ won’t wash out or wear off, so you can be confident that your favorite fabrics stay clean and fresh smelling longer. And while you can’t see it, just know INTELLIFRESH™ technology works continuously to deliver long-lasting freshness protection all day, everyday. That’s the power of INTELLIFRESH™ built-in odor protection.

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