Say goodbye to life's
smelly moments

Odor protection you can count on

Works at the core of fabrics to block odors before they start.
Athletic wear

Athletic wear



Home fabrics

Home fabrics

Take on whatever life brings

From humid days to sweaty gym sessions,
Intellifresh adapts to odors to stop the smells
that come your way.

Take on whatever life brings
“The freshness feature and the Intellifresh brand are a valuable part of our Russell Active line.”
— Russel Athletic

Memories should last,
not odors

Carry the memories of your day, not the
smells. Intellifresh has your back, keeping
your fabrics  free from odors every step of the

Memories should last,   not odors

DuPont's Nutrition & Biosciences and IFF are coming together

This isn't about forming another industry giant. This is about merging curiosity and capability to create unique, leading-edge solutions at the intersection of science and creativity.

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