Preserving our planet

Feel good while doing good by safeguarding our resources

Requires fewer washes, which saves water and energy

Makes it easier to do
your part for the planet

Intellifresh fabrics need fewer washes—so
you’re saving water and energy with each

Makes it easier to do  your part for the planet
“Sustainability is the feature that originally drew me to the technology.

You can go a long time without washing it and it will remain clean because Intellifresh is fighting the germs and bacteria causing those odors. If you wash your towel less, you’re using less water and less energy.”
IntelliFresh customer

Gentle for you and
your family

Intellifresh is certified to be gentle on skin,
so you can wrap the whole family in your
favorite fabrics.

Gentle for you and your family

DuPont's Nutrition & Biosciences and IFF are coming together

This isn't about forming another industry giant. This is about merging curiosity and capability to create unique, leading-edge solutions at the intersection of science and creativity.

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