Built in Odor Protection That Lasts

Look for the INTELLIFRESH™ tag on your favorite brands of apparel, workout gear, footwear and home fabrics.

Odor protection you can count on.

Get odor protection you can count on. INTELLIFRESH™ technology acts like an invisible shield against those musty, funky odors that can build up in fabric surfaces.

odor prevention and absorption

INTELLIFRESH™ technology prevents odor-causing bacteria from forming in the first place, and absorbs odors that may already be on the fabric surface.

Effective and safe

You won’t find any harsh or harmful chemicals in INTELLIFRESH™ treated fabrics. The patented freshness technology stays put and won’t wash out or rub off, even after extensive use.

INTELLIFRESH™ odor protection is safe and non-sensitizing, and won't wash out, so it keeps working hard for the useful life of the garment.